Project Management

MammoLink® helps physicians improve and expand their practice. Whether you are an OB-gyn or a general practitioner, MammoLink® services can incorporate mammogram screening and diagnostic imaging into your office with ease, giving your practice the cutting edge in breast cancer screening.

Our team will provide a free financial feasibility assessment for your practice. This may include patient numbers, the size of the room where the mammography equipment will be installed, as well as a few other factors. The team that will be provided for you has the appropriate knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to succeed and meet the specific project requirements. You can rest assured that MammoLink® will take care of everything so that you can continue to schedule and see patients while we add this exciting new offering for your practice.

Successful preparation is key to the installation and success of your new mammogram screening machine for in-office mammogram. Your MammoLink® Project Manager will provide you with a timeline of events to keep you informed every step of the way.

MammoLink® services include making recommendations for mammograms for your office that will most benefit you. Before the arrival of your equipment, MammoLink® will have our engineers coordinate and prepare for the installation. Our project manager will communicate with you and your office about system and building specifications to help make sure your facility is in compliance with all local and federal governing agencies and your office is set to receive your digital mammography system. Occasionally this means arranging for an electrician make some small changes or some minor physical changes in the room construction and layout that we will take care of.

As soon as your diagnostic mammogram is professionally installed by the designated manufacturer’s engineers, MammoLink® will arrange for our physicists to thoroughly assess your equipment and provide a comprehensive report which will be reviewed by our lead interpreting radiologist. Our lead interpreting radiologist (specifically appointed to act as liaison for your facility with the FDA) will sign off on the application for official certification from the American College of Radiology (ACR) on behalf of the FDA (or state governing body if your facility is located in Arkansas, Iowa, or Texas). We guarantee that all Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) requirements will be met and superseded by MammoLink® standards at that time so your new breast imaging practice will be ready to see patients within a few days from the completion of equipment installation.

Mammolink® ensures our mammography experts are acquainted with the new machine and are prepared to begin to provide the up most care to your patients for the most comprehensive breast cancer screening experience, including being able to catch abnormal mammograms when they occur. Our mammography experts will also be specifically trained in your workflow and daily routine preferences to ensure successful and efficient workflow for you and your practice.

Workflow surveying helps plan the necessary interactions between established practice staff, mammography experts, physicians and radiologists. The MammoLink® project manager will carefully plan the most efficient workflow system which is important for smooth daily operation of the new addition of your mammogram screening and diagnostic mammogram equipment. What is also important to work flow is information technology (IT).

MammoLink® will provide a new IT platform to support your new equipment based on our mammogram recommendations. This will allow for onsite storage of the patients’ mammography images, which is required by FDA, and there will also be a secondary storage on an offsite location to ensure the mammography images are safely stored. We will store the images for at least 10 years to give you and your new mammography patients peace of mind.

With your new MammoLink® IT platform, you are able to provide the patients with a copy of their images. We believe that most patients feel more involved in their yearly breast cancer screening care when they are provided with a copy of their images that they are able to keep for their records upon their request. At MammoLink® we want to help facilitate patient involvement so that they are more aware, educated and more interested in maintaining their yearly breast cancer screening routine.

We ensure that the breast imaging equipment and supporting platforms are installed on time, and we take care of all the licensing and certification requirements for the equipment. For your convenience, your MammoLink® project manager will be there every step of the way to provide information, solutions, and updates throughout the process of equipping your office with your new breast imaging machine. We want this to be an exciting time for you and your office staff!

Whether you are an OB-gyn or a general practitioner, MammoLink® is able to provide you with more comprehensive patient care. For more information about how our project management solution can benefit your office, contact one of our helpful representatives today.