Our Process

MammoLink® is a professional team of experts providing in-office mammography services for OB-gyn and general practitioner physicians.

MammoLink® is proud to offer you an extensive portfolio of options for your practice. The entire process, from beginning to end, is hand selected to meet your needs. This includes your mammogram recommendations, equipment, patient flow patterns, staff uniforms, and even the room décor. If your office meets our very minimal requirements, MammoLink® can take care of the rest!

Read more about MammoLink®’s unique operations and services below: 

● First, MammoLink® will discuss necessity and your desire of enhancing the continuity of care for your patients by adding this vital new service to your practice. We will ask you a short series of questions to determine where your current practice is at. This may include patient numbers, workflow, the size of the room where the mammography equipment will be installed, as well as a few other factors. With this information, we make mammogram recommendations based on your needs.

● Next, we will establish a timeline of events. MammoLink® will provide you with updates throughout the process of equipping your office with your new breast imaging machine. We want to make it clear that your staff understands the scope of the services we offer as well as the value of diagnostic mammograms and in-house mammogram imaging for a physician’s office. With this timeline, you will understand the entire scope of events that will be taking place throughout our time together.

● We also play the role of Project Manager. MammoLink® connects our physician clients with the most advanced equipment and technology for both screening and diagnostic mammogram available. We ensure that the items are installed on time, and we take care of all the licensing and certification requirements for the equipment. This allows your practice to spend less time on lengthy administrative tasks related to communicating with and managing third party providers. This is one of the most convenient parts of our services – you do not have to pause patient care while we are installing your mammography equipment!

Our team of mammography service consultants will effectively manage implementation and offer support to any physician who wishes to include in-office mammograms. Clients can reduce the amount of time spent coordinating with third party specialists to make this vision a reality.

● Once the equipment is installed and operational in the office, our mammography specialists take care of all the paperwork, working closely with all state and federal regulatory agencies. There are a number of certifications required in order to perform in-office mammograms, and we ensure they are all accomplished before formal practice begins. One of the benefits of using our services is that we contract with healthcare attorney groups from all over the United States, who are available for you with any concerns you may have.

Our management expertise allows a seamless transition as physicians use their new mammography systems. Our team is made of experts in the mammography field, so they are well-versed in making this transition easy. Doctors can focus on the continuity of patient care as our team makes certain that the operation of your new in-office mammography equipment transitions smoothly into your already established practice.

● Once all certifications, from both state and federal authorities, have been received and the breast imaging workflow for your practice is placed into effect, the use of the new mammography equipment can begin. This is an exciting time for both patients, physicians and MammoLink® alike. It is a mutually beneficial “win-win-win” for all parties!

After this process has been completed, MammoLink®’s services do not stop there. Our helpful follow-up will allow you to continue providing quality care for your patients for years to come. MammoLink® sets in place quarterly conferences to ensure the transition in the operation of your new equipment is seamless and that all of your questions are answered. We also appreciate receiving any feedback you may have about your new mammogram imaging services. Should your needs change in the future, we are happy to accommodate your office. 

Our Clients

MammoLink® seeks to work with any ambitious and talented physicians who want to offer their patients a better experience. We target experts in the health industry that can take on more activities in their office setting, and who feel it is important to stay in sync with the rapidly transforming industry of healthcare services.

The introduction of new mammography services will greatly increase the efficiency and productivity of your clinic. Our expert team guides physicians towards increased proficiency in comprehensive health services that will ultimately benefit their practice.

Aside from the excitement of expanding your current practice into the area of women’s imaging, you can also enjoy the benefits of affording patients an easier, more comfortable and more convenient experience for yearly breast cancer screening. Patients will also be able to receive more immediate mammography results interpretation.

MammoLink® believes this will increase the participation in yearly mammography and breast cancer screenings. We typically work with OB-gyn physicians and general practitioners but have a real interest in collaborating with other specialists as well. For more information about the types of specialists and offices, we frequently work with, feel free to contact one of our representatives today.

Our Mission

MammoLink® is improving breast cancer screening by changing the relationship between doctors, radiologists, and patients to make mammograms more accessible. MammoLink’s® board certified fellowship trained and dedicated breast imaging radiologists believe that efficiently providing mammograms and timely reporting is one of the best ways to give excellent patient care. Our expert team will design a course of action for each clinic to accommodate the stringent requirements of diagnostic mammogram and ensure that all proper guidelines and standards are met.

At MammoLink® we employ leading experts in the field of mammography. Our board certified fellowship trained and dedicated breast imaging radiologists have all completed at least 5 years in radiology after completing medical school. They have also completed at least one additional year of training in mammogram imaging from academic institutions from all across the United States. Our mammography technologists also have years of experience and are certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). We are incredibly proud of our dynamic and experienced team, who all have a passion for improving the overall health of women in the United States.

Mammography Training and Adherence to Mammogram Imaging Guidelines

MammoLink® gives clinics a leading edge reputation as they offer state of the art services and care to their patients. MammoLink® ensures that all staff is well versed with the equipment they are working on and understand all of the record keeping that is necessary for ACR, FDA, MQSA etc. MammoLink® supports our clients every step of the way in their development of the addition of mammogram imaging to their practice.

Patient Benefits

Patients can rest assured that they are receiving the best care from new mammography equipment. MammoLink® takes the time to ensure that all equipment guidelines and protocols are followed properly. Our program allows clients to maximize their time spent with patients.

MammoLink® provides care-centered models that enable practitioners to offer the most comprehensive services and solutions, such as:

● The ability to have breast cancer screening done in their primary physician’s office, a familiar environment with practitioners they already know and trust.

● Physicians may receive and view results in real time, eliminating the process of transferring results from specialist offices to the patient’s primary care provider.

● The time taken to schedule additional appointments to obtain their results is also eliminated, making this process more convenient for those patients who are not easily able to fit appointments into their schedule.

● Patients no longer have to obtain referrals for separate screening clinics, saving them from the lengthy wait lists that an outpatient imaging center will typically have.

● Instantaneous mammography results interpretation at the time of the patient’s visit. If additional mammography images are needed, they can be performed immediately. This streamlines the process for everyone involved and increases the chances of discovering an abnormal mammogram sooner.

When time is of the essence in diagnosing potential breast cancer cases, in-office breast screening allows physicians and patients to benefit from expedited results. Allow MammoLink® to leave a lasting positive effect on your patients through faster, higher quality care. 

MammoLink® believes we have found a solution to the growing problem with current breast cancer screening procedures in the United States. Efficient diagnosis matter as early detection of breast cancer is crucial to a patient’s survival rates. When screening is conducted in-office, physicians are able to guide patients towards further testing in cases where mammogram results are concerning. Patients rely on clinics that are trusted and respected as leaders in cutting edge services when it comes to their health. Given that early detection is such an important factor in a patient’s breast cancer survival rate, a great deal of emphasis is placed on results. MammoLink® allows you to provide results immediately to your patients in your own clinic with a diagnostic mammogram.

Clinic Benefits

MammoLink® also understands that financial profit allows your practice to provide an overall higher level of patient care. Breast cancer screenings traditionally generate millions of dollars for healthcare organizations, and this type of profit can play a large part in expanding your current services and helping more patients.

By current standards, the process in which a patient obtains a mammogram is considered a source of frustration. In fact, the process hasn’t changed much in the last 50 years. This discourages regular screening and places more women at risk. However, MammoLink® addresses the problem of accessibility by placing the right equipment directly in your office. This affords you the ability to improve the system and offer more efficient screenings.

In the past, regulatory oversight from organizations such as the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may have hindered your ability to incorporate diagnostic mammograms into your practice. More than that, there is an inherent financial and legal risk to having a poorly implemented program, especially for non-radiological physician groups. However, MammoLink® changes this. We take great care in making sure your clinic takes the steps necessary to remain within the proper standards. More than that, we are able to help you remain a profitable clinic, providing you with significant financial relief. With this new funding, you may be able to expand your current clinic, hire new staff members, and offer even more resources for your patients.

In fact, based on just a few simple questions, we are able to determine whether or not mammogram recommendations would be profitable or successful for you. Feel free to contact one of our representatives about your potential by contacting MammoLink®. We offer a free financial feasibility analysis to help you get started.

Contact MammoLink®

Founded by breast imaging radiologist Dr. Ryan Polselli, MammoLink® is proud to provide solutions for the complete execution of mammography services, from state of the art mammography equipment to ongoing support for proper use and maintenance. Reach out to our team at MammoLink® for a consultation about your requirements. It will be the beginning of an enterprise to maximize patient care whose health matters most.

Any clinic or health care team that is interested in learning more about how MammoLink®’s consulting and business management services can improve their position as leaders in the marketplace. We will provide you with the details of the value-added benefits of your clinic.

Clinics that offer in-house mammography and breast imaging services report higher patient satisfaction as a result of the added convenience, privacy, and overall comfort. You do not need an up-front financial investment or meet certain staffing requirements to benefit from MammoLink®’s extensive services. All that is required is a desire to provide quality mammography care for patients, a small room in order to perform mammograms, and a patient volume to support on average at least 5 mammograms per day. Our full range of management consulting services allows clinics to seamlessly integrate on-site mammography.

More than that, everything is free for you to get started. MammoLink®’s services typically amount to a small percentage of the revenue generated from the practice. This takes away any financial barriers you may have had in the past.

Mammography is a field that is ever-evolving at a rapid pace. As mammogram screening and guidelines are being refined, and 3-D technology is replacing the standard 2-D digital model, MammoLink® stays updated on the latest models that will be ultimately beneficial for your clinic. We strongly believe that early detection saves lives, and ensuring cutting-edge technology for your office means more proactive success. This is a very important aspect of improving the relationships between doctors, radiologists, and patients and in making diagnostic mammograms more accessible for women.

MammoLink® services may be right for you. We take diagnostic mammogram to a whole new level by linking doctors with the most cutting-edge breast imaging technology for in-office use. Feel free to contact MammoLink® for any further inquiries about our services, or to begin implementation in your office today.