Are MammoLink® Services Right for Me?

Central to the core philosophy of MammoLink® and essential to the long term success of our healthcare business model is a mutually beneficial “win-win-win” relationship between patients, physicians, and MammoLink®. One of the most important factors in this relationship is financial profit. Financial profit allows our physicians to spend more time with their patients, grow their practices, and provide an overall higher level of patient care while simultaneously promoting professional satisfaction. Financial profit also allows MammoLink® to grow and expand our services so we are able to provide an increasing breast cancer screening patient population with a level of quality in terms of convenience, breast imaging expertise, and continuity of care not currently available in the United States.

In general, breast cancer screening generates millions of dollars for healthcare organizations to care for their patients every year. Incorporating a screening program can be extremely profitable. However, in the past, the level of clinical specialty expertise required to successfully implement a screening program, combined with the degree of regulatory oversight from organizations such as the ACR and FDA and the inherent financial and legal risk from an improperly implemented program has been prohibitive for most practicing non-radiological physician groups. MammoLink® changes this. Our services typically amount to a minor percentage of revenue generated.

Typically, only a small number of average daily mammograms is required in order for MammoLink® services to be profitable for most physician groups, but every individual practice has different needs. MammoLink® encourages ALL groups that may interested in our services to contact us for a free financial feasibility analysis. Based on our a few simple questions, we can generate a general idea of how profitable and successful our services may be for you. Although the success of our services for you depends on many factors, if your practice writes more than approximately 10 screening mammography scripts on average per day, our services will almost undoubtedly generate a significant profit for you and your group and we highly encourage you to contact us.